Illinois Little Lotto – What Are the Chances of Picking the Numbers that Win?

If you’re in the state of Illinois there is a good chance you’ve been aware of a lottery game known as Little Lotto. It’s an extremely exciting game, and if you haven’t yet, you must take a look. It’s because it offers decent payouts at fairly good odds 파워볼사이트추천.

It’s true that the Little Lotto game won’t make you wealthy beyond your wildest expectations like other huge Illinois Lottery games might, specifically Mega Millions and Powerball. But it does provide decent jackpots. The jackpot is set at $100,000 and will continue to grow even if there isn’t a winner it.

To be eligible for the jackpot, you need to be able to pick 5 numbers out of 39. The odds of spotting the five winning numbers is just one in 575,757. As you will see, the odds of winning are quite excellent. Compare this to the odds of winning, say, Powerball. The chances for winning Powerball are one-in-195,249,054. This is a significant difference. To put it into the context of purchase only one ticket per game, you’d be approximately three-fold more likely be a winner by using Your Little Lotto ticket. This is why I believe it’s a great game! In the end, I believe it’s more beneficial to have a high chance of winning decent cash instead of having a poor chance of winning big.

Apart from the jackpot prize, the game also gives lower-tiered prizes too. The second prize is $100 and you get that by matching winning numbers of 4-out-of-5. The third prize is $10, and you can win it by matching three winning numbers.

Fourth prize is $1. you are able to win this prize when you match two of five winning numbers. The chances of winning a prize in the game are around 1-in-9. If you are in Illinois take a look at this Little Lotto game and you may end up enjoying it just as I do. Particularly when you are lucky enough to win!